Mission Statement

Throughout all of human history, the alpha male – the leader of the pack, the go-getter, the high achiever - has been in charge.

His rule – characterized by aggression, violence, intimidation, greed and exploitation – has been absolute.

The result?  A world riven by war, social inequity, oppression and fear.

So entrenched was (is) this régime, that we have come to regard these aspects of our social structure as inescapable sequelae of ‘human nature’.

Until now.  With the advent of #metoo - courtesy of the enormous courage shown by certain women throughout the world.

Now it ‘s time for men to step up to the plate – to say at last, in a loud, clear voice:  Me Neither.

#meNeither is a part of the natural evolution of #metoo.

It represents an acknowledgement of the fact that we can only attempt to right the wrongs of this world if we all take part in the battle against what we know to be wrong.

#meNeither is a campaign that asks men to pledge the following: 

  1. That they will not engage in the kinds of behaviours traditionally espoused by the alpha male.
  2. That they will do their utmost to call out such behaviours when they observe them in others.
  3. That they will refuse to be either professionally or socially associated with those who engage in such behaviours.
  4.  That they will do their utmost to inculcate in young boys and girls under their care a set of values that is diametrically opposed to the alpha male paradigm.  We must enable them to feel empowered to say no to destructive alpha male ‘norms’.

 Whilst sexual predation is a significant aspect of unchecked alpha male behaviour, it is not the only one.  Bullying, together with a general lack of regard for the needs and feelings of others, is almost invariably a part of the package.

It is incumbent upon us, if we are to leave the planet in better shape than we found it, to do our utmost to eradicate such behaviours.

This battle cannot be won if men do not pull their weight.

We are responsible for this problem.  The least we can do is help clean up the mess.

We ask you to pledge your support for a better world.

In the months and years to come, we will be asking not only individuals but also organizations of all kinds to come on board with this campaign, in an effort to eliminate unacceptable behaviours from the public space.

But the public space includes cyberspace which, until now, has shown itself to be particularly susceptible to the worst abuses of the alpha male psyche.  (Part of the reason for this, perhaps, is that it was designed and is run by such males.)

Therefore, it is essential that #meNeither extend beyond this space, so that we can look one another in the eye – person to person, face to face – and say Me Neither.

Human kindness cannot exist in the absence of real, meaningful human contact.

We cannot allow the #metoo revolution to be hijacked by the alpha male apparatus.  Its gains to date are far too precious to risk in this way.

The way forward will be long and arduous, demanding of us that we dismantle and restructure virtually all of our alpha male-dominated institutions.  Such a task involves a process of social evolution that normally takes place over many generations.  There are no quick answers.

But we must begin somewhere.

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